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Sunday, February 17, 2013

BlackBerry OS Leaked, Now Available For BBZ10

BlackBerry OS Leaked, Now Available For BBZ10
Are you a BlackBerry Z10 owner? And still running the older OS? then here's a reason to get excited for as the latest updated version of BlackBerry 10 has been leaked. According to folks at Crackberry, an updated version of OS is now available and those who want the updated version can download it from the Crackberry forums. However, we are not used to the update yet, but one thing to note i.e you will require a Windows PC to install. Since the update is not officially introduced throughout the web, we are not able to report any issues regarding the updated OS. But it will b obvious that the updated version will fix the issues present in the earlier one and there will be possibility of new issues too. As per N4BB, the same OS seems to be running on the Dev Alpha B device which make the OS better and improved than the previous one. If you are willing to install, then head towards the forums and follow the instructions (at your own risk). Till then we will wait for the update to be officially announced, so that we can report the issues if present. Stay tuned for more updates.

SOURCE: crackberry

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