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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Qbeak's Third Prototype unveiled

Qbeak's Third Prototype unveiled
Qbeak, the electric city vehicle is being developed by Denmark-based ECOmove, and the news is that the third prototype of the vehicle which was under development, claims to be "very close" to its finished version. On comparison to its previous versions, the current prototype appears to be lighter than before and that means the Qbeak's single-charge range has been increased. Well, the report says that ECOmove is currently putting call out to have a potential partnerships with automobile component makers, and stating that the final version will be ready in 2014.

ECOmove started work on the first Qbeak prototype in 2009 and has received the 'European Electric Vehicles Early Stage Investment Opportunity Award' from UK-based Frost & Sullivan in March, where the company touted that the Qbeak would include a number of models with single-charge ranges of anywhere from 125 miles to 190 miles. For long time, ECOmove has been working on Qbeak's lightweight advancements, a body made of aluminum and Kevlar composites, which seems to appear in third prototype. Well, we have to be patient till the 2014 arrives and wish that the Qbeak would have more advancements than that at present. Stay tuned for more updates.

SOURCE: green.autoblog

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